Sleep Cycle AB - Frontend developer

Sleep Cycle AB is a company that’s been around in the mobile application space for over a decade. Just like the company name suggests their area of focus is on everything regarding sleep, and has an app used by millions across android and iOS.

HiQ - Frontend developer

HiQ is a larger consultant company where they help other companies digitalize themselves, or improve their already established digital world. This means that HiQ has their fingers in pretty much every industry and with an impressive range of clients.

CYBM - frontend developer

Together with five others I co-founded CYBM where we were working on social platform with focus on exercise challenges and fitness. My role at CYBM was to develop the mobile application for iOS together with one of the others.

Mjölnir Games - developer and co-founder

Mjölnir Games is a game development studio I co-founded with some friends during my studies at Blekinges Institute of Technology. We started off small and launched a mobile game called Way of The Knight built in Unity3D using C#.