Code and Crayons

The guy behind Code and Crayons is me - Christopher. I reside in Gothenburg, Sweden, together with my fiancé, our daughter, and our cat. I am an avid gamer and technology enthusiast which, of course, greatly influenced my career choice.

I started my career by studying Civilengineering in Game and Software Development at Blekinge Institute of Technology in Karlskrona, Sweden. It was a five year long education with focus on C++ and game development. When I completed my studies I moved back to Gothenburg looking for employment within game industry, but it was a lot harder to find employment within this field than I had imagined. I was eventually offered a position at New Minds AB and started my career as a mobile developer which I have been working as for the past four years.

During my years as an mobile developer I have had the opportunity to work for a range of different companies, with various sizes, such as Electrolux, SKF, Essgroup, Parkeringsbolaget, and many others.

I am currently employed at Northcube AB as an iOS developer where I work on the iPhone app Life Cycle.

This is me