Frontend developer at HiQ International AB

HiQ is a larger consultant company where they help other companies digitalize themselves, or improve their already established digital world. This means that HiQ has their fingers in pretty much every industry and with an impressive range of cliens.

During my time at HiQ I’ve worked with over 10 different clients of various sizes with projects just as varying. Since I’m under a non disclosure agreement I can’t really speak freely about these clients or their projects, but I’ve worked with Mölnlycke Healthcare, Volvofinans bank, Volvo, Parkeringsbolaget, Göta Lejon just to mention a few. The projects have all been towards mobile development, or in some cases internet of things, where Objective-C and Swift have been the primary focus.

For collaboration tools I’ve used JIRA, Hansoft, Trello, and Microsoft TFS. For distribution we’ve mainly used Testflight, Buddybuild, or HockeyApp. Since I’ve also worked closely with UX and designers I’ve also been in contact with Zeplin, Sketch, and Invision, even though I’ve never created content in these tools.

The role I’ve had during these projects has mostly been as a single frontend developer since several of the projects have only had a development cycle of a few weeks to a few months. But the two longest projects I’ve been a part of has each spanned about a year, where I was junior developer in one, and senior developer in the other.