Mjölnir Games - developer and co-founder

Mjölnir Games is a game development studio I co-founded with some friends during my studies at Blekinges Institute of Technology. We started off small and launched a mobile game called Way of The Knight built in Unity3D using C#.

Official employee title was programmer, but I mainly focused on quality assurance for the gameplay levels on Mjölnir Games’ released title Way of the Knight for smartphones and tablet devices. Our primary goal was to start developing games for PC and consoles, but we founded the company during the end of our 4th year at college, and with the 5th being the year of the master thesis we did not have the time to fully dedicate ourselves to our newly founded game studio. Thus we started with a mobile game.

Unfortunately we had different personal situations that did not make it easy continuing developing our studio. Some of us had found employment elsewhere, and some had courses to catch up on, while others where moving back to their respective places of origin. Most of the developers decided to leave and I was one of them.

Way of the knight did not really pick up, but the game is available for download on different platforms here.