Sleep Cycle AB - Frontend developer

Sleep Cycle AB develops and maintains primarily two applications: Sleep Cycle, which is an alarm clock and sleep analysing app, and Life Cycle which is a time tracking and analysing app.

My first year, give or take, I worked on the Life Cycle application for iOS. The app tracks how and where you spend your time, and then presents it to you in a clear way. However the app truly shines when it sees patterns in your behaviour and tries to tell you about this behaviour. It could be something simple as telling you that on Mondays you usually enter the office at around 7.30 a.m, or something more complex like how often you visit your parents (or when you last did, if it’s been a while).

Life Cycle

Recently, however, I was added to the Sleep Cycle app team instead. At first glance Sleep Cycle might look like a simple alarm clock, but in reality its so much more. The app analyses your sleep, records your snoring for you to hear, and presents you with valuable information about how you sleep.

Sleep Cycle